Falling Shadows

Prelude Interlude

Over the next few months, the party worked in and around Albridge, alongside Dar Gremath, to disrupt Iron Circle activities.

Among the highlights:

The group went on several missions – recruiting the Woodsinger elves to the cause, cutting off Iron Circle supply routes to the South.

Along the way, they’ve discovered a variety of evidence of nefarious dealings in the Harkenwold. There are rumors of strangers visiting towns looking to buy slaves, for example.

After clearing out an Iron Circle outpost in Easthill they found shackled corpses chained to walls in a cellar. A dead priest of Orcus was also discovered at the Easthill outpost.

The party followed rumors regarding a traveling priest of Orcus, finally landing in the city of Northridge to the south of the Harkenwold. There, they were informed by a priest of Moradin that there had been no Cult of Orcus activity there in many years, but that there have been rumors of one starting in the Harkenwold.

They also found (and closed) a portal to the Abyss at the old tower in Allbridge.



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