Falling Shadows

Prelude, Session 2

Just a quick-and-dirty post for this week. Here are some highlights:

  • Party returns with supply caravan. Dar Gremath instructs them to unload it and dispose of the cart in a nearby clearing.
  • The party asks if they should burn it instead, Gremath says to do what they want, just to get rid of it.
  • Party goes to the clearing, investigates. Finds an old set of shackles and lots of footprints.
  • Sovellis burns the wagon.
  • Party asks Gremath if they should clear out the Toadwallow Caverns – he says “sure, why not.”
  • Party clears out Toadwallow Caverns, narrowly living through it. They liberate Tor’s Hold, earning the gratitude of the dwarves and their support against the Iron Circle.

Sorry for the short update! Anyone who wants can feel free to flesh it out a bit.



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