Falling Shadows

Prelude, Session 4

Coming to Terms

Scene One: Defeating Redthorn

The party engages Nazim Redthorn and his troops in a ferocious battle. As the last of his army falls, Redthorn attempts to escape. He’s taken down by one of Sovellis’ arrows, and the party begins to celebrate their victory.

Scene Two: Gremath’s Fate

Suddenly, a loud boom and a bright flash draw the party’s attention. In the direction of the Albridge stables – from whence Dar Gremath had been directing the battle – they see a plume of flame and then smoke.

Rushing to the site, they are informed by Bron Torrson that Dar Gremath was struck by some sort of wizardry, and burst into flames.

Bron then takes the party into the stables. He shows them a letter with the following text:

Dar Gremath,

It is with much haste that I pen this note. Nazim Redthorn is preparing an attack on Albridge. I fear the Iron Circle may soon have full control of the Harkenwold. If we are to wrest control back from these interlopers and continue our lucrative association, they must be stopped.

Even more pressing, however, is this: I have heard guards speaking of the arrival of Lord Vhennyk. From what I can gather, the Shadow Lord has discovered our enterprise and intends to put an end to it. He has learned of the location of the Eye of Orcus, and intends to plunge our land into the Shadowfell.

Should Albridge fall to the interlopers, our only hope will be to retrieve the Eye before Vhennyk is able to secure it. It is located in the Tower of Green Flame, guarded by the animated remains of some of our less profitable stock.

As for my disposition, send word to Yisarn at Dal Nystere. He should be able to provide sufficient forces to liberate me once Redthorn’s forces are distracted with the resistance at Albridge. Should he need additional subjects, secure them from Longshadow.

Porro sceptrum Orcus , Procer of nonmortuus!

– J.S.

The party believes the letter to be from Baron Stockmer, and it contains a seal of Orcus.

Scene Three: Pursuing the Eye of Orcus

The party travels to the Tower of Green Flame, which is located in Harken Village near Harken Keep (now the Iron Keep). There, they fight servants of Lord Vhennyk. When defeat is all but certain, Vhennyk appears. He offers the heroes a truce, and indicates that he can help them on their personal quests if they will but yield to him. He says they can end the bloodshed together, and that the atrocities previously committed by the Iron Circle were not intentional.

The party agrees to work with Vhennyk.



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