Khan D'Sind


Khan D’Sind, Tiefling Battlemage, has literally been through the Abyss and back. Upon his birth to a human female in The Core World, Khan’s biological demon father abruptly took the boy back to Panzunia (the first layer of the Abyss) and released him into slavery to a powerful Pit Fiend. Over time, Khan discovered his latent psychic abilities when wielding various weapons. Eventually, he was involved in an uprising against his owner, and a handful of his comrades escaped through the many portals that lie about Panzunia. Khan ended up in The Core World, discovering that his demon father killed Khan’s mother on a subsequent journey.

Prior to the uprising, the slaves told stories of a portal key that would allow them to escape via the portal that their master’s stronghold is built upon, rather than further into the Abyss. The time for the revolt came when a rival demon invaded the stronghold. Many of the slaves raided their master’s home desperately searching for that key while the demons were fighting the attackers. Eventually, they came across a container of dried basilisk eyes, an item rather out of place in the Abyss. Rapidly running out of time, the slaves prayed this was it. Of the two hundred or so they started with, only about 25 made it out. Since the portal keys were the same, long story short (too late), they all made it to Core World, but scattered about the world shortly after arriving.

The demon who took Khan would occasionally visit the stronghold. Tormenting the slaves, Khan in particular, with physical and mental abuse. Khan was often taunted about his worthless human mother, and how he could have sired such a wretched being. As it turns out, Khan had a number of half-brothers and sisters working at this stronghold, but he seemed to be the youngest and favorite target of his demon father.


Khan D'Sind

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