Campaign Framework

Play Dynamics:

  • This is a paragon-tier campaign. We’ll do some dabbling with heroic tier as a prelude, and we can continue on to epic down the road if we have the desire; however, the primary focus will be paragon tier play. My personal goal is to play through the paragon tier (plus the prelude).
  • Plots are character-driven. Storylines are developed around characters and their actions. That doesn’t mean the characters are always playing a major role in world events, but rather that their pursuits and options are derived from their own choices and characteristics.
  • The players have a common goal. While there will likely be points of contention between characters from time to time, the game works better when it’s cooperative, rather than competitive. Conflicting goals and minor contentions are valuable tools; completely working at cross purposes are not.
  • We’ll play every other Friday. As of today, the calendar is clear until August 5th – when I’ll be at Gen Con. I’ll give as much advanced warning as possible if I need to change something. I’d like to play as long as we have 4 players for any given session.
  • Creativity is encouraged and rewarded. Creative use of powers, as well as good roleplaying and story ideas, will result in various in-game rewards (and will also help everyone to have a good time).

Thematic Assumptions:

  • That “points of light” thing – yeah, we really mean that. The dark forces that brought down Nerath and the other ancient empires are still out there. So are the nefarious opportunists that quickly emptied the power vacuum after those empires fell. That means travel is always inherently dangerous, cities are the closest thing to a “safe haven” that people have. Any twisted fate can – and usually does – befall those who stray too far outside civilization’s pockets.
  • The Shadowfell presses hard against the Nentir Vale. While Kalarel’s efforts at the now-famous Keep on the Shadowfell were stopped by a brave band of adventurers, there are many pockets across the Nentir Vale where the line between our plane and the plane of Shadow is becoming increasingly blurred.
  • The party is made up of heroes, but not radiant heroes. Overall, our band of adventurers stands opposed to evil and what it entails. That means standing together against threats to civilization and the world in general. That said, everyone has their vices, and no one is spotless. Individual characters will need to battle – often constantly – with their own proclivities to darkness. Sometimes, they’ll even be asked to sacrifice their own morality for a greater good.
  • Everything is connected. Reality is a messy web of personalities and events, most of which interrelated, pushing history toward a single outcome. This outcome is unknown, and it is determined, to a large degree, by the actions of the PCs.

Campaign Framework

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