Dramatis Personnae

Important NPCs in Falling Shadows:

1st Level Scenes

Roma Featherton: A robust, brisk, and slightly skittish halfling woman who runs the White River Mercantile in Albridge. She is assisted by her cousin Abel and his family, and seems to be sympathetic to the rebel cause.

Dar Gremath: A broad-shouldered, gray-haired man of 55 years, Dar Gremath is the primary leader of the growing rebellion against Nazin Redthorn and the Iron Circle. He is the owner of Gremath Stables in Albridge. An adventurer in his youth, Gremath is direct, stern, and self-confident.

Ilyana: A half-elf woman of middle years, Ilyana owns a small steading not far from Albridge. Her sons, Jarek and Jarl, have helped her get by ever since the death of Ilyana’s husband, Karthen. Karthen died at the hands of the Iron Circle reavers when they attacked the Harkenwold.

Nazin Redthorn: Leader of the Iron Circle in Harkenwold, Redthorn has captured Baron Stockmer and is keeping him imprisoned in Stockmer’s keep.

Reithann: Reithann lives in a humble cottage in the Druid’s Grove. She’s a spry 5O¬∑year-old human woman dressed in robes of brown and green, carrying a gnarled staff. Her two apprentices, Lorel and Theren, rarely stray from her side.

9th-Level Scenes

Lord Vhennyk: Vhennyk is the current ruler of Iron Keep near Harken. The party have been in Vhennyk’s employ for several months.

Dar Gremath: Gremath is the leader of the rebellion currently attempting to oust Vhennyk from Iron Keep. The party has been given an assignment to find and dispatch Gremath by whatever means are necessary.

Dramatis Personnae

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